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Finding Your Drive

February 1, 2010 5 comments
For some reason today I had the movie 8 Mile running through my mind through the day. Perhaps it had something to do with my music choice for the day? (50 Cent, G-Unit, Em wouldn’t have anything to do with that!).  As I was thinking back on the plot of 8 Mile (it’s been at least 6 years since I’ve watched it) I started to reflect on what it means to overcome adversity and not letting anything stand in your way.  A guest post written by Maren Kate over at Subject 2 also got me thinking. I have the desire to succeed; I have been passionate about getting everything moving. The key thing I have been missing is the hustle, and it took those two things colliding at the same time to start to form a picture in my mind.

On a key point from her post I need to get mad. I need to start using my hatred of working a 9-5 and having a crappy boss as fuel to get off my ass and start making some deals happen! Yes, I have been making some progress. I was successful at everyone of my goals from last week expect for the mailing. The only excuse I have for that is I haven’t find my target audience yet. But that’s a pretty weak excuse and I know it.

So my only goals for this week are simple. Review my contracts and I need to talk to at least 5 sellers.  Maybe I’ll make this a challenge! If I don’t talk to 5 sellers I will post a video of myself attempting to free style. What do you think? If I get enough feedback I will agree to doing it!

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