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Accountability Monday 11/18/2010

It is Monday, and as promised here is my first accountability Monday blog post. I was thinking about this post today, and I feel like I would benefit by having an accountability Sunday instead of Monday. It would help me gather my thoughts and plans for the week, since the only free time I have to get stuff done is at night.

But without further ado!

  • Ramp up my Craigslist marketing. I have been meaning to do this since I came back from the REIA meeing, but I have been exhausted the past few days.
  • Work on creating a “call flow” script for my “Virtual Assistant”.  I am lucky enough to have a couple of people vested in my business that are more that willing to do whatever it takes to get this rolling, and the best part is they have time to make and take calls.
  • Begin the development work for my company’s website. Since I have a background in IT I’ll be developing this myself; which is a huge expense saver!
  • Begin developing a shotgun mailing campaign. I’m going to direct mail FSBO, pre-foreclosure,landlords, and section 8s.  This will be sent to the people I’m not able to get a hold off by phone.

I’d post more but Firefox keeps crashing, and I need to get it fixed.

‘Til next time!

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